Stuart Harris - October update

Elvington Hire, Elvington, Yorkshire

On arrival at this very busy operation I am greeted in their well stocked showroom by Tim, Darryl and Michelle, with a volley of lively banter, which is also very much a feature of their interaction with many of their loyal customers. They are however a very professional company, who ensure they seek out all information from the customer to fully meet there requirements. Both Tim and Darryl are staunch supporters of the Show and comment how it is firmly on their calendar for 2018, and they are of firm belief it is better to find excuses to go, rather than not go !. They also commented they always spend both days there, to fully take advantage of Show Only Deals and they continually seek out new products for the fleet every year at the show.

elvington-plant-for-blogjpg Elvington Hire


Fairfax Hire Centre, Selby, Yorkshire

Located just on the edge of town I enter into their impressive and well stocked Showroom where I receive a warm welcome on arrival from Mark Allerton, Depot Manager and Darren Arthur, Sales. Mark has been visiting the Show for a number of years and from these visits he has developed a number of valuable new relationships with suppliers that have helped with both the expansion of the Hire Fleet and products for Sale in the Showroom. Mark is again looking forward to visiting in 2018, but with a slight change this time to previous years,…. he is going for two days ! Mark commented that having experienced the expansion of the show in recent years spending extra time there will maximise the opportunity’s available and save him both time and money in the long term. He is also looking forward to meeting fellow Hirers at the after show party and added... he still needs to book his hotel!

fairfax-hire-centrejpg Fairfax Hire Centre


Tracys Red Hat Hire, Pocklington, Yorkshire.

Operating from a former Military Building on a trading estate Tracy certainly offers a warm welcome as I enter through the door and into a unique Log Cabin Style reception with a lit log burner flanked by a couple of chairs. There are various items of interest on display which include vintage Chainsaws and other vintage tool memorabilia and for a moment I am distracted from my purpose of visit as I engage conversation on these !. Tracy is very much hands on, from spanner to accounts, and operates a small but well mixed Hire Fleet from a grinder to mini excavator, and although she is aware of the show she has yet to visit as she is very much on her own. We spoke some more about the benefits of the show and she is now seeking a solution so she can make her 1st visit.


Paul Yates Tool Hire, Knaresborough.

I have been visiting Colin and his son Mark for a good number of years and every time I do I am always very impressed by the presentation of their vast outdoor display which they assemble every day. I am sure the careful arrangement of their display is equally appreciated by their neighbours in this predominately residential area, but it also demonstrates the high level of pride they take in all aspects of their business and hire fleet. Since taking over the business 14 years ago both Colin and Mark have been frequent visitors to the show and will once again be heading to the Show to meet up with both loyal and new suppliers as they seek out new additions for their fleet in 2018.

paul-yates-hire-for-blogjpg Paul Yates Tool Hire